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The music of LYRIC ECHOES resurrects a world removed from the here and now, a world of boundless freedom where definitions and categories dissolve and there is only one guideline, namely to follow one's own intuition. LYRIC ECHOES is the solo project of guitarist and sound artist, Daniel Strässler. As a guitarist, Daniel Strässler has been involved in countless bands and music projects that were stylistically very different. Thus it went among other things from the Blues to the Space Rock and via Klezmer and Hungarian folk music to the electronic experimental music. Daniel Strässler has worked with a wide variety of musicians and artists such as Franco Sesa (Celtic Frost), Oliver Schmid (Superterz), Betty Fischer (My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter), Philip Schmassmann (Techno Producer - aka DJ Cosili), Melinda Nadj Abonji (book author and performer), Michael Schröder (theater director and performer), Nik Emch (performer and musician), Peter Gossweiler (Belle Affaire) and many more. However, his stylistic influence on his guitar playing and also on LYRIC ECHOES was above all his in-depth study of classical music in general and the classical concert guitar in particular.

The instrumental music of LYRIC ECHOES transcends all musical genres, as elements from opposing styles, such as classical, rock, pop and electronic music, are combined in an organic way, as if there were no genre boundaries. Harmonically filigree arranged sections merge seamlessly into brute dark sound worlds. As a listener you are exposed to a roller coaster of emotions, you are almost hypnotized and experience an adventurous journey into the far away world of LYRIC ECHOES, which you never want to leave!

Even before the actual release, the music of LYRIC ECHOES was used in numerous film projects. Among others by filmmakers from Switzerland, such as Martina Egi, Stanko Pavlica, Heidi Schmid & Christian Labhart.

The debut album "Beautiful Things Don't Ask For Attention" with 13 songs, including a piece with the famous jazz trumpeter, Nils Petter Molvaer, was released at the end of June 2021 by the internationally active label Unit Records. This CD met with very positive reviews without exception and even managed to get the title feature on the online edition of 'JAZZ THING', the biggest music magazine for modern music in German speaking Europe with 10'000 hits daily. This is an absolute great success, which only very few artists from Switzerland achieve!

In 2023 follows a release of the EP "When Things Fall Apart", with 4 songs on Unit Records. Again Nils Petter Molvaer is involved: The title song was composed by Daniel Strässler based on 2 mystical trumpet licks from Nils Petter Molvaer, which he played on the occasion of a live-concert together with Harald Haerter. There are also some short guitar voicings by Harald Haerter. The work on this song started when the terrible war in Ukraine broke out. The mood is therefore partly rather gloomy, but not exclusively, because Daniel does not want to bury the hope and longing for a better world. But his concerns about the state of this world is also expressed in the title "When Things Fall Apart". There is a remix of Spheres II: On this version, besides Nils Petter Molvaer, Harald Haerter can be heard, who has collaborated on studio recordings as well as concert tours with the most famous jazz musicians, such as John Scofield, Joey Baron, John Zorn, Michael Brecker, Eric Truffaz, Dewey Redman and many more.


«The Music of LYRIC ECHOES has a lot of space and gives proof of a truly tasteful timing and a very nice approach to the melodic lines – beautiful and inspiring, I really like it!» 

Nils Petter Molvaer

Nils & Daniel in Zurich

«Daniel Strässler is a brilliant, visionary composer. With "When Things Fall Apart" he has created another magical album that inspires through and through - A masterpiece!» 

Harald Haerter

LYRIC ECHOES is pure spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife 
unit records - new releases
(Jazz thing June - August 2021)


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